Color video, 4 : 57 (2021)

Interweaving text and images, Fascination is a video-poem developed from my attraction to fire, both a source of life and death. It chronicles the various ways in which this vibrant energy can be fought from the beginning to the end of the spectrum of existence. My personal history and my social indignation at wanting to make a clean slate form the incandescent embers of a vital breath dedicated to pushing boundaries. A taming of the lines of fire of a lifetime trying to open paths and mark one’s place among the cold ashes of a world in self-destruction. But the traces go up in smoke, what memory do we leave? And among the smoldering embers, find something to enjoy, marvel again and again. There is a bounty of nature, beyond the fatal conflagration. Fire reveals invisible beauties of abundant opulence. And since you can’t burn everything and start from scratch, grapple with the blaze, test your own resistance. And finally surrender to it.

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