Unearth the landscape

Color video, 11 : 17 (2019)

Like a backdrop against which to paint a portrait of a complex world that combines darkness and resurgence, I clog up with the landscape. Through various postures, I become one with all the states of my environment, even taming death. Composed of experiments in a natural environment, this poetic montage demonstrates fleeting ways of flushing out the landscape, marking the territory, leaving traces, feeling, discovering affinities : to become one, to appropriate, to lose oneself, to merge, sensitive skin against arid earth, to embrace; trying to find some comfort in cold weather; crossing the horizon, running; turning round, moving forward before disappearing. Determined to know the end of this story of earth and of the end of a world. 

Presented at the Labo des membres : OEuvres video [Members’ lab: Video works], artist-run center Skol, Montréal and during the collective exhibition Recherches en cours [Research in progress] of the artist-run center AdMare, Espace Solo gallery, Magdalen Islands (2020)

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